Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Gas Radiant Heater is a beautiful, aesthetically appealing, way to stay comfortable, outdoors, on colder nights. Its stylish, contoured design will look great in any setting, whether it is your backyard or an outdoor dining establishment.

The adjustable, tilting head on the portable heater allows you to direct the heat to go exactly where it is needed.

The heat output is adjustable, giving you 21,300 BTUs up to 38,500 BTUs. The heat output is designed to cover a wide area. It has been found to deliver heat up to 215 square feet or a space that is about 16.5' x 13'. It is also designed to provide a constant stream of heat that is wind resistant up to about 8 mph. The controls are easy to use with a soft touch, push button ignition that offers a battery activated repetitive spark. The heat control knob lets you easily adjust the output to your liking. It runs on a 20 lb propane tank (not included). The propane tank is secured with a strap for safe portability and concealed in the base of the unit behind the rear cover.

Whether you are using this innovative heater in a backyard or retail establishment, it is easy to move. Simply tilt it onto its wheels and go. Although it is designed to be used outdoors, it can also be used in a well ventilated covered space. Clearances include 3 feet to the ceiling, all walls and in front of the head. Head must also be at least 1 foot (12") from rear wall. If your Bromic Portable heater is being used in an uncovered, outdoor installation, it should be brought in from the rain. Winter storage is easy as well. It features a modular design. Simply separate the top half from the bottom and store.