Clear large areas quickly with the 26 in. clearing width of the Storm™ 2600. The 208cc Troy-Bilt engine with electric start capability, and a self-propelled drive system help make the job easy. Just One Hand™ operation allows adjustment of the chute controls without disengaging the drive, including a quick change to the snow discharge height from the dashboard with the remote pitch control lever. The rugged, 12 in. serrated steel augers are designed to quickly handle up to 12 in. of snow.

  • 26 in. clearing width and 20 in. intake height powers through up to 12" of snow* and designed to throw up to 40' of snow
  • Remote pitch control lever allows the operator to change the height of snow discharge from the dashboard
  • Just One Hand™ operation allows you to lock in your speed and adjust chute controls without disengaging the drive
  • Make quick work of clearing snow with the powerful serrated augers and an extended chute designed to minimize snow blowback on the operator
  • Center-mounted crank chute control provides quick 200° rotation with an easy 2.5 turns of the crank