• Designed and Tested in Canada: Ideal Security's Ladder-Aide PRO is the only ladder leveler that is specifically designed to comply with OSHA standards for ladder use, and is exclusively rated for 1500 lbs
  • Versatile: Use your existing single and extension ladders on stairs; micro-adjustable to 1/8" for use on almost any stairs
  • Specs: All steel construction, weighing 12.5 lbs and tested for up to 1500 lbs, and designed for Types III (Light Duty) to IAA (Extra Heavy Duty) aluminum and fiberglass ladders; the Ladder-Aide PRO is the essential ladder leveler tool for professionals
  • Stairwell Compatibility: The Ladder-Aide PRO is compatible with steps between 4.921" (125 mm) and 7.875" (200 mm) high, and between 8.268" (210 mm) and 13.975" (355 mm) deep
  • Stable and Secure: With rubber soles and an anti-skid traction surface, the Ladder-Aide PRO is a safe and steady ladder leveler, making it the perfect stabilizing tool to turn a standard extension ladder into a ladder for stairs
  • Straightforward Assembly: With no attachment to your ladder required, the Ladder-Aide PRO can be assembled in minutes and can be moved quickly from stair to stair; once disassembled, the Ladder-Aide PRO can be compactly stored
  • Package Includes: Ladder-Aide PRO, locking pins, and set-up instructions