10-Year Battery Worry-Free Talking Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Combined Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm – A single unit can be installed where previously, two were needed. Reduces installation time and protects against both fire and carbon monoxide dangers.
Intelligent Sensor Technology – Combines the detection capabilities of a photoelectric smoke sensor with that of an electrochemical sensor, to better differentiate between a real hazard and a false one.
10-Year Sealed Lithium Battery – Eliminates the need to replace the battery. No battery to replace for the life of the alarm (10 years).
Voice Warning – Announces the hazard type detected (in English and French)
Multi-function One Button Design includes:
Hush® Feature – Temporarily silences nuisance alarms for approximately 9 minutes (smoke must be present before Hush® is activated).
Test Feature – Simultaneously tests the unit’s electronics and verifies alarm operation.
Tamper Resist Feature – Unit will lock to mounting bracket to deter theft or tampering.
cUL Listed
10-Year Limited Warranty
Item Number: P3010L-CO-CA