You can tell a lot about a plant just by looking at it. Healthy plants flourish. Feeding your plants regularly is just one part of keeping them healthy. The other is the type of food. Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Ultra Bloom is not just any plant food. It nourishes flowering plants for up to 3 months, and promotes strong, vibrant growth, more blooms, and spectacular colour. This formula contains vital micronutrients and organic ingredients plants thrive on, like kelp, earthworm castings, feather meal, and bone meal. Just shake it on your indoor and outdoor plants. Delivers essential nutrients above and below the soil to support root development and strength.

  • GRO BIGGER - Our high-phosphorous mix feeds above and below the soil for spectacular, more vibrant blooms, compared to unfed plants
  • GRO LONGER - Our slow-release plant food feeds for up to 3 months, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your flowers
  • GRO HEALTHIER - Organic ingredients like kelp and bone meal, naturally broken down into nutrients plants can use to develop strong roots
  • GRO EASIER - Simply shake around your annuals, perennials or roses in ground or in containers
  • GRO TOGETHER - To boost your results, follow up with a feeding of Miracle Gro Water Soluble Plant food every 7-14 days