The Bosch REVOLVE2000 Self-Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Laser Kit delivers a comprehensive solution for precise outdoor and indoor leveling. Manual Dual Slope allows the user to adjust the slope angle on the laser on both the X- and Y-axes. The GRL2000-40HVK features a horizontal/vertical self-leveling laser, suitable for leveling and aligning applications. This kit contains an all-in-one hard carrying case designed to hold all included accessories. The REVOLVE2000 rotary laser delivers ±1/16 In. accuracy at 100 Ft. and a working range of up to 2,000 Ft. with the included receiver. The laser’s electronic self-leveling system has a disturbance monitor, which indicates to the user if tool position changes, ensuring consistent leveling accuracy on the jobsite. The laser has a red metal cage for durability. Easy to use, the kit includes an all-in-one solution includes an LR20 laser receiver with mounting bracket, aluminum tripod, RC4 remote control, WM4 wall mount and sturdy grade rod.