3M 16-in x 24-in x 1-in 1500 MPR Ultra Allergen Electrostatic Pleated Air Filter.
Filtrete Ultra Allergen air filter uses 3-in-1 3M technology to purify the air in your home and improve indoor qualities
Electrostatic-pleated filter captures small and large allergens before they invade your home
MERV 11 and MPR 1500 ratings ensure 90% of microscopic particles are trapped, including smoke, pet dander, smog, bacteria and virus carriers
Also captures pollen, mold spores, dust mite debris and lint, so you always breathe clean air
16-in x 1-in x 1-in filter enhances air quality for up to 3 months, reducing the need for replacements
Designed for residential homes needing an extra level of air filtration
Download Filtrete™ 365 Program app to receive custom filter change reminders and personalized home tips to create a healthier, allergen-free home